Good is the enemy of great.

This is our belief and the essence of our company culture. When clients come to us they expect us to solve their problems. They expect to be properly licensed and permitted. People reach out to us to open their business and remain open in the legal marketplace. They expect us to get their business into full compliance because their hard, earned business is too precious to squander.

That’s why we cannot do anything less than great.


The harder we work, the more luck we have.

We like to call it luck, but let’s be honest… great work yields the right kinds of results our clients seek. Our clients have enjoyed a 100% success rate in getting properly licensed and permitted when they follow our guidance. Our team takes on your business like it’s our own business and works diligently until all requirements are met.

We’ve never shied away from hard work. In fact, we embrace it. It’s what separates us from others who promise results and under deliver.


Every choice you make has an end result.

Expeditious results.

Who has time to wait when every second idle is a wasted opportunity to earn revenue? We don’t. And we know our clients don’t either. All too often, we have clients who come to us, frustrated they are waiting too long for results at a law firm that “specializes” in cannabis compliance. But these firms just can’t seem to fully embrace the fact that these businesses rely on being open to pay the good people who work for them. Every second squandered means someone is waiting longer to run their business.

Best value.

We have our dedicated teams that each specializes in their niche assignments. Our Compliance team work with regulators and policy-making professionals to forecast and prepare our clients for regulations forthcoming. Our Licensing and Permitting team stays on top of the local, state, and federal regulations to ensure every single requirement is met when we submit your applications. Our OSHA trainers come directly from the cannabis industry so your training has relevant examples you can understand. Our Business and Operations team have over 20+ years of real cannabis operation experience to fully grasp the nature of your business when they provide proven methodologies for your operations.

Our highly specialized team means we are efficient and effective. Our effectiveness in a short amount of time means net-net, we are the best value option.

The trusted advisors to help you navigate and thrive in cannabis.