Keep Your Business Growing

When cultivators come to us, their goal is simple: help them acquire the necessary licenses and permits needed for their outdoor, indoor, and mixed use grows. Most of the time, they have attempted to do this themselves with little success and resorted to reaching out to us for expert assistance.

Focus on your business while our Licensing and Permitting team file and submit your license applications for cultivation. We work with you to provide the required information for multiple programs including the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), California Tax and Fee Administration, Water Quality and local water use and disposal requirements, Hazardous Materials requirements, and more.

The following agencies issue licenses for commercial cannabis:

  • Department of Food and Agriculture: Cultivation.
  • Department of Public Health: Manufacturing.
  • Bureau of Cannabis Control: Distribution, Testing, Retail, and Cannabis Events.

Cultivation Licenses We File on Your Behalf:

  • Type 1 = Cultivation; Specialty outdoor;
  • Type 1A = Cultivation; Specialty indoor;
  • Type 1B = Cultivation; Specialty mixed-light;
  • Type 1C = Cultivation; Specialty cottage; (AB 2516, 2016)
  • Type 2 = Cultivation; Outdoor; Small.
  • Type 2A = Cultivation; Indoor; Small.
  • Type 2B = Cultivation; Mixed-light; Small.
  • Type 3 = Cultivation; Outdoor; Medium.
  • Type 3A = Cultivation; Indoor; Medium.
  • Type 3B = Cultivation; Mixed-light; Medium.
  • Type 4 = Cultivation; Nursery.
  • Type 5 = Cultivation; Unlimited; (Prop. 64, 2016. Not available until 2023)

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