Helping Makers Make

When manufacturers come to us, they have one thing they need most: help them acquire the necessary licenses and permits to get their products legally onto retail shelves.

Because of the wide variety of cannabis product categories, manufactures are subjected to regulations regarding public health, disease control, cleanliness, product storage, equipment sanitation and cleaning, product processes, and even marketing.

Focus on your business while our Licensing and Permitting team file and submit your license applications for manufacturing. We work with you to provide the required information for multiple programs including the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, California Department of Public Health, California Tax and Fee Administration, Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch, and more.

The following agencies issue licenses for cannabis manufacturing:

  • Bureau of Cannabis Control, CA Department of Consumer Affairs – responsible for licensing cannabis retailers, distributors, third-party testing laboratories and microbusinesses.
  • Manufactured Cannabis Safety Branch, CA Department of Public Health – responsible for licensing manufacturers of cannabis products
  • Cal Cannabis Cultivation Licensing, CA Department of Food & Agriculture – responsible for licensing cannabis cultivators and operating the state’s Track-and-Trace system

Manufacturing Licenses We File on Your Behalf:

  • Type 7 – for extraction using a volatile solvent (ex: butane, propane and hexane)
  • Type 6 – for extraction using a mechanical method or non-volatile solvent (ex: CO2, ethanol, water, or food-grade dry ice, cooking oils or butter)
  • Type N – for infusions
  • Type P – for packaging and labeling only
  • Each license type is inclusive of the types in the list below it. For example, a Type 7 licensee would be able to perform Type 6, N or P tasks. A Type 6 license could perform Type N or P tasks. A Type N licensee would be able to perform Type P tasks.
  • In addition to these four licenses, MCSB is developing a fifth license type, Type S, for shared-use manufacturing facilities. This license type will be for businesses and facility owners that alternate use of a manufacturing premises.

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