Anna Karapetyan
Founder/Chief Executive Officer

In the course of the last decade, Anna Karapetyan served in senior management roles in licensing and compliance in vertically integrated cannabis organizations. Most recently, she served as one of three Lead Directors of Licensing and Compliance for Kolas, Inc., and Chief Compliance Officer at BSeen Distribution and Choices Distribution. In these capacities, she has directed cannabis operations throughout California and has been pivotal in developing, implementing, and overseeing the licensing and compliance procedures and efforts for numerous cannabis businesses in the state.

Anna developed an expertise in distribution, retail, and manufacturing operations and regulations and has been at the forefront of guiding companies through the transition of California’s regulatory environment from medicinal to recreational cannabis use. In this, Anna also saw firsthand the tremendous turmoil regulations had on cannabis businesses and the people involved. Businesses were closing and people were impacted.

Wanting to provide a different kind of solution- one that offers cannabis business owners highly specialized compliance services, at a great value- Anna started Cal State Consulting.

Today, you can see Anna deeply involved in shaping regulatory hearts and minds on the state and federal stages at cannabis conferences and cannabis events. Anna works diligently with policy makers to represent the needs of cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. She has spoken at engagements across the nation on topics related to cannabis and public policy and has been a leader in helping usher in a new paradigm for California’s dynamic legal and regulatory environment.

In addition to her work for private companies, Anna has consulted with jurisdictions both large and small in the state and has contributed to the development of their cannabis regulatory frameworks and ordinances including Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities and from Northern to Southern California.


Director of Licensing and Permitting Services

The Business and Operation Services Teams provide clients with the niche expertise to manage and run their businesses. Along with executive management, this team assembles the resources necessary to support client business and operational needs.


Authorized OSHA Agent & Director of Workplace Health and Safety

The Cal/OSHA Training and Compliance Services team is an authorized Department of Labor training group and provides the required OSHA 30 training and OSHA related compliance and administrative services.


Director of Compliance Services

The Licensing and Permitting Services Team monitors local and state requirements for specific license and permit applications. This team provides the guidance and fully manages the entire application process through approval.

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