Speaking Engagements

Anna Karapetyan
Chief Executive Officer

Cal State Consulting’s CEO, Anna Karapetyan, has been in the cannabis business for over a decade. Her experience spans across all verticals in the cannabis industry, including cultivation, manufacturing, retail, and distribution. Anna’s work with her clients and colleagues provide a holistic perspective of the things that help the industry move forward and the things that hinder its growth.

Anna works diligently with policy makers to represent the needs of cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. She has spoken at engagements across the nation on topics related to cannabis and public policy and has been a leader in helping usher in a new paradigm for California’s dynamic legal and regulatory environment.

If you like a no-nonsense perspective on the cannabis regulatory landscape, reach out to us to book Anna for your next event.

“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships. Let’s connect and help people in the process.”

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